Hi! Please come in, make yourself comfortable. Take a look around. This is my virtual library, where I’ll share the books I’m currently reading and many of my favorites. I have created this blog for a few reasons. First, as a way to answer the inevitable question “what are you reading?” every time I’m seen reading in class, on the subway, in the park, at a café, ect. Second, as a way to help the people who ask me for book recommendations. And third, because I really just love to talk about books.

A few minor housekeeping points: all the books I link in this site will come from the Powell’s website, unless for some crazy reason they don’t have it. Powell’s is my absolute favorite bookstore from home, and I highly recommend taking a trip to Portland, Oregon for no other reason than to see the most amazingly overwhelming store ever. Also, I welcome comments that disagree with what I say. I haven’t seen every bookstore in the country, your favorite store may be more amazing than mine. So say something! I want to start a dialog about books, so never feel shy about not agreeing with my opinion. That said, everything I post on here is my opinion. I’m not a book expert, just a book enthusiast.

And before you ask, there is logic behind “Librarian of Doom.” In high school, I volunteered at the public library in the children’s section. I’m not very good with children, and in fact I’m extremely awkward; Librarian of Doom came from my friends, who teased me endlessly about working in the one part of the library I hated.

Well, I think that takes care of everything! Enjoy the books, browse the different sections, and remember to bookmark not dog-ear the pages :)