This isn’t about a book, sadly I’ve started two fairly long books since I finished the Dresden Files book so it may be a few days until my next post.

But I did find a new website that recommends what book you should read next, courtesy of a friend in my Campaign Planning class. It’s called The Book Seer. It’s pretty simple: you put in the title of the book you just finished reading and the author, and then it gives you two lists. One is from Amazon, and the other is from The Library Thing (not 100% sure what it is, but it has good recommendations). At the bottom of the page is a link to local independent book stores and libraries which is unfortunately useless to me as I’m not in the UK. But it’s a nice idea.

It’s a very basic looking website, but I like that. And I love the fact that the first part of the “what did you just read?” sentence changes every time you go to the page. So far my greetings have included “Ambassador,” “Sir!” and my personal favorite, “Oh great magician.”