HBO has officially agreed to create “Game of Thrones,” based on the George R.R. Martin series. They have already filmed the pilot, and agreed to nine more episodes set to air spring of 2011. So excited! I loved these books, although I do hate most every character. They were so well written and created such an engaging world I couldn’t read fast enough!

My favorite line from this Chicago Tribune article from yesterday: “I do hope that “Game of Thrones” does for fantasy what “Battlestar Galactica” did for sci-fi on TV: Make people sit up and take notice of a good yarn, well told — a yarn that does not deserve to be dismissed as genre fare. Let’s hope “GoT” will be worth the wait.” I haven’t yet watched a full episode of Battlestar, although the boy has tried; the new show Caprica, however, has sparked my interest and I’ll watch when I get home. But I understand what the writer is going for–a show that can’t be ignored as “just a fantasy” series because it’s that good. And if the show is anything like the amazing stuff HBO can do and they accurately represent the world created by George R.R. Martin, “Game of Thrones” could be it.

I’m always nervous when movies or TV shows are based on books I love. As hard as they try, it’s just never as good (except The Princess Bride, which I liked better as a movie than a book). But I have faith in HBO. Hopefully they won’t let all the fans down.

I just wish I didn’t have to wait a year!