More often than is probably healthy or productive, I stay up late determined to finish my book. These books are so enthralling I just know I won’t be able to sleep (or eat, or do my homework, ect) until I know what happens. The cut-off point for staying up late is around 150 pages, depending on the book and writing style. I read over 200 pages of The Vampire Lestat last night because I just couldn’t put the book down.

The Vampire Lestat

When I was in seventh grade I tried to read Interview with the Vampire, but my dad took it away and said I wasn’t old enough yet (I’ve never understood his judgement here, because that same year I read Stephen King’s The Stand and started The Dark Tower series). It wasn’t until last semester that I finally read the Anne Rice book my dad took away. I have to admit now, looking back, I wouldn’t have been able to fully appreciate the story at 13…but I also wasn’t old enough for Stephen King either.

I grew up watching horror movies with my dad, so I was nervous about this book–the movie is so bad! Lestat is portrayed as a spoiled rock star, and I hated his character. Yet in Interview with the Vampire, I liked his character. So I was conflicted. But I was extremely surprised when this book quickly became a romantic, dark, and deeply troubling look into the life only hinted at in the first book. The depth of detail in this book and the amazing scope of history the lives of the characters encompass impressed me.

I loved this book. In my opinion, it was much better than Interview: the character were better developed and the story line so much more interesting. Wonderful read, I regret not borrowing the book from my dad sooner!