I’m not very good at retail therapy. I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks, and this past week was pretty bad. Although I tried looking at shoes and clothes at my favorite stores, it just wasn’t making me happy. So, just like almost every time I need something to cheer me up, I found my way to a bookstore.

The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook

The Essential Baking Cookbook

*I couldn’t find any pictures of the books online, so I took these*

These are the first two cookbooks I’ve bought that weren’t 30 years old and cost 25 cents at a garage sale. I love how new and pretty they are. Unlike the dozens of old and smudged books I use at home, these two books are full of glossy pictures and free of spilled butter and flour. Although I’m not vegetarian, I was really excited to find this book–I’m trying to get a more balanced diet (ie not only carbs and chocolate).

My love of baking and cooking has more than justified the cost of getting an apartment in Boston. Although I cook a decent amount when I’m home, here I don’t have the luxury of my mom making dinner when I’m lazy or out late. Instead of relying on fast food or frozen food, however, I’ve learned to love spending time in my kitchen. Baking especially helps me relax, and I’ve been known to make a batch of cookies or cupcakes in the middle of the night.

With these two new books, I can’t wait to try a new kind of cupcake or veggie pasta. Although I’m not sure these can replace my favorite cookbooks (really, what’s better than an all-chocolate dessert book?!), I’m excited to add them to my collection.