To follow-up on what I mentioned in my post earlier today, I am making a few changes to this blog. Everything I originally said in my first post, however, still stands.

First, and most noticable, is the name change! I have changed from the original name (Librarian of Doom) to one that works with my URL and encompasses the spirit of this blog better. Let me know if you like it…or hate it!

Also, I made a Twitter for this blog: @KS_Books. Follow me for easy notifications on blog updates and the latest book news.

Third, my goal with this blog has shifted slightly. Originally, I created a book review blog as a project for a social media class (which I was forced to drop due to money problems).  Now, however, I have graduated and need a creative outlet for everything I learned at Emerson. I feel very self-conscious marketing myself–instead, I will use this blog, and my passion for reading and social media, to showcase my skills. Nothing will change; I will still read books and blog about them. I will just tweet about it too.

I hope you all don’t mind the changes I’m making, please let me know what you think!