Hello all! No book review today, I just started a new book last night (historical fiction), and am in the middle of making a few changes to this blog. I do, however, have a question for you. Can you read while traveling?

After living in Boston for three years, I have learned to read on the subway (originally I couldn’t do that) and on planes. But reading in a car still gives me problems. As a kid, I used to get terrible motion sickness on long trips, although it has slowly gotten better as I get older. But today, we have eight hours of travel from Boston to Washington, DC, the bus has wi-fi, and I have things to do!

The problem is, I get dizzy if I look up from my computer or my book. Do you get motion sickness? If so, how do you deal with it so you can be comfortable while traveling? Mints, water, fresh air, medication, those bracelet things? Eight hours of sitting on a bus is too long to go without reading!