My family doesn’t move a lot, but we have had several new houses since I became old enough to help with packing. Between moving those few times and going to college, I have noticed one problem when it comes to packing: my books.

Honestly, I do not think it is remotely possible to have enough books. It is possible, however, to have enough books to make moving a royal pain. The first time I was allowed to pack up my own room (5th grade, I believe), I put all my books into one giant box so heavy my dad had problems picking it up. Since then I have gotten better…but I have yet to discover the secret to moving large amounts of books. My mother was out here to help me pack everything from college  for moving back home, but left it to me to pack the one overstuffed bookcase I have. So we ended up with four boxes half full of books…which were still very heavy (I have an irrational desire to keep text books) despite my best attempts to distribute the weight evenly.

What method have you found most practical for moving books? One big box is obviously the wrong choice, but my smaller boxes still end up heavy. Once I (hopefully) get a job in Portland I will be moving again this summer, and can only get helpers if I promise they will be able to pick up the boxes!