Now that I have finally moved back to Oregon and started to settle into my parent’s home (only temporarily, as I plan on moving to Portland once I am employed and can afford rent), I can start creating my new not-in-school-anymore-and-have-more-free-time reading schedule. Due to unforeseen visitors this weekend and an extremely busy first week home, I was only able to finish one book this week. Ideally this will greatly increase from now on (depending on the books I read, of course), and I will be able to post much more regularly. I will also get back into the habit of tweeting every day, and scheduling tweets when I will not be home. My life has finally quieted down a bit, so I won’t ignore my books any longer!

Night Watch: Last Watch

I started the Night Watch series a while ago, and finally borrowed the boy’s copy of the 4’th book on Thursday. Last Watch was a great book, just as good as I remembered the others being. The series is general horror/vampire lit/fantasy, but the wonderful Russian author brings a unique view to the genre. I have long enjoyed classic Russian lit (the names alone are reason enough to struggle through the complex writing style!), and was overjoyed to borrow these books. The characters are perfect, and the main setting of modern-day Moscow and many parts of Eastern Europe only increase my dream to one day travel the world.

Last Watch, and the entire series, is structured the same way: three separate stories in each book progress the story line, following the same characters while each story explores a different aspect of the mystery/evil world-ending plot. I love the challenge of putting all the (sometimes random) pieces of information together to solve the magical riddle before the characters. The magical world has a unique organization I haven’t found elsewhere. There are two “watches,” or teams of magical creatures (Others) who monitor each other and protect humans. The Night Watch is made of Light Others, or good guys; the Day Watch is made of Dark Others, or bad guys. They have a very tentative truce, but fight to see who can initiate the most new Others, thus increasing their strength in the inevitable Light/Dark battle. While each of the four books was about some evil plot that could potentially destroy the world, the story lines are incredibly engaging and the writing style makes the books highly addictive.

Everything about this series was enjoyable. I loved the Russian names in the book, like Nadya and Svetlana. The magic was highly organized and structured, and each book provided a deeper look into that system. Characters are well-developed and the constant intrigues and pasts being relieved keep them interesting. Overall, the Night Watch series is a great read.