This morning (after sleeping in late because I forgot to set my alarm), I decided to start going through my books. I keep mentioning my summer reading list, but have not seriously worked on it yet. Today was going to be the day!…and then I saw how many books I have, in so many different places. Boxes. Piles. Desk. Shelf. Purse. My compulsively organized brain kicked in and decided that for once, I will not live out of boxes and suitcases while I am home. This time, until I can find a job and move into my own apartment (complete with huge bookshelves) I will be organized. Starting with my books, which will be all pretty and in place by the weekend.

Because I only have one large shelf (and a small one that holds my stereo and pictures) finding a place for everything may be a challenge. But I’m pretty sure I have another old bookcase somewhere in the house, and I can always use the shelves on my desk that hold old papers and desk supplies I no longer need.

Piled on my desk

Piled on the floor

Bags of books

Books from Boston

My one shelf