Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the mess in my room. Today I set my alarm, woke up early, and worked all morning. Once I actually started to focus the process of cleaning and organizing was only a few hours. I went with a new organization system (at least new to me) that focused on color, alphabetical order and how much I loved the book! A Google search a few months ago lead me to these two articles, one about organizing by color and one about how to organize books in general.

The system I ultimately created has three parts: text books, unread books and read books. My text books and reference books, of which I had the fewest, went on the smallest shelf with most of my knick knacks (these are organized by size). For books I’ve already read, there are three categories: those I loved, those I enjoyed and those I’m meh about but don’t want to donate or sell (these are organized alphabetically by author’s last name). Finally, there are the books I haven’t read yet. I had the most fun organizing these books, because I did them by book color! The top row goes from yellow to black; the bottom row is by size, and contains books I borrowed from other people (I kept them separate so I don’t accidentally mix them into my books).

No promises about how long my books will stay this nice, or what I will do with all my new books from garage sales this summer…but it will be nice for a few days to live in a clean and organized room!

Books I love

Books I enjoyed

Books I'm meh about

Unread books

Books I'm donating