As you have noticed from previous posts mentioning my summer reading list (or lack there of), I have become stuck making the list this year. My “summer break” isn’t the normal few months between spring and fall classes, it’s a break of however many months until I get a job. Because I have no idea how long I will be on summer break I can’t accurately predict how much time I have and thus how many books I will need.

Every summer before now I would pick a topic and focus on learning more about what ever it was…but with so many new sociology books, world and U.S history books and music history books I own or have access to, picking just one area won’t happen. So in light of my inability to decide anything, I am creating a new summer reading list theory! As mentioned in “Mission Completed: I can find all my books again” (a system which is running out of room on my shelves as I continue to buy books at garage sales and may need to be revamped again), all the books I have not read yet are organized by color. So my new summer reading is also going to be organized by color! The books I read this summer (lasting through September) will be read in the color-coordinated order of my shelf: green, orange, yellow, white, brown, silver, blue and black. In addition, every month I will finish one of the books I have started but am not actively reading anymore, as listed in The Reading Corner. For the month of June (yes, I know this month is almost over, but I can at least start actively reading it again while it is still June), the book I will finish will be Guns, Germs and Steel.

So that’s my new plan. I feel better having one, as vaguely defined as it is. I will finish at least one of the three books I am reading right now, and then get started on my first green book. On a side note, I am almost done with two of those books and should start writing book reviews soon; I’ve missed them, but can’t seem to force myself to finish a book! A week ago I found this great article about time management and reading, “How to Finish Reading All the Books You Start.” Maybe this system will help with my insane need to read more than one book at a times.