A few weeks ago, my dad discovered a group of kittens had been dumped behind our house. We live in front of an old airstrip that borders a few fields, and the old runway and metal hangers are littered with broken cars and various bits of junk. My family has a habit of rescuing abandoned kittens (in fact, all our cats and one of our dogs were rescued), and although they are not currently allowed in the house, these new kittens certainly know they can come to our back door and ask for food and water at any time.

Today my brother and I decided that “the babies” (my name for them) needed proper names. His suggestion was a music theme, but I though we ought to do literary characters. We quickly realized a problem: the last time we read the same book, we were children! After a brief argument (I was voting for Scarlet and Rhett), we settled on Mrs. Frisby (from Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH) and Ralph (from The Mouse and the Motorcycle), two of our all-time favorite books growing up. We went through many names, but it took a few minutes to find characters we both liked and from a book we had both read. Our first concern was that we might give the kittens names of bad characters and doom them to a horrible future (i.e. you wouldn’t want to name a cute little kitten Malfoy). All this depends, of course, on our belief that one kitten is a girl and one is a boy. We also realize it’s weird to name kittens after book characters that were mice, but we loved the names and the books too much!

Mrs. Frisby