Today is the first time in a month or so that I’m actually awake early enough to write this post, rather than writing it the night before and scheduling it to post while I sleep; That’s my fun fact of the day. I am still almost done with the Bob Dylan book and should hopefully have it finished and reviewed this week, so I’m going to recycle the Henry VIII book again. Maybe it’s just me, but weekends are pretty anti-reading! Fridays are music nights (a family tradition, lots of loud music all night), too many college football games all day Saturday so I can’t focus on reading, lots of people over on Sunday to visit…not much gets done during the weekend at my house. Are your weekends crazy, or do you use the time to relax from the week and prep for the next one? Share your thoughts, and what you’re reading, in the comments below!

The rules for Teaser Tuesday are simple:

  1. Grab your current read
  2. Open to a random page
  3. Share two “teaser” sentences from that page (without spoiling the book!)
  4. Include the title and author so others can find the book if they enjoyed your teaser

This week’s teaser:

“If Will Somers [the king’s fool] had dared, he could probably have made his audience see the comic aspects of an accident that befell the king in 1525. But in fact this was no laughing matter, for, once again, Henry was nearly killed.”

Henry VIII: The King and His Court, Alison Weir, page 247