I have this memory from when I was very young of a library. I’m not even sure where it was, because it was just one of many stops running errands with a friend and her mother. But the library had pretty gray (maybe marble?) steps leading up to it, a huge staircase up to the second floor, and tons of dark wood shelves. When I moved to Boston and saw the most amazing library I had ever seen, it kind of  reminded me of the one from my childhood. So today’s edition of Beautiful and Unique Bookshelves features some of the stunning images that probably inspire every book lover’s dream library, and include both public libraries and private collections. These pictures come from another site I’ve found that collects book images, and while I have tweeted about it I don’t think I have mentioned it here. So take a look around Bookshelf Porn, and share your thoughts in the comments below!


Each photo links to the original source on the website Bookshelf Porn.