I don’t always mind when life gets so busy you are forced to leave a book almost finished for days. This week started with a last-minute job interview, a closer friend’s baby being born (I was at the hospital from 2am till 8am or so), a trip to Eugene for the Oregon v. UCLA football game, and another job interview. So Fool Moon had to sit on my desk with only 30 pages left for almost five days! A week that included two job interviews (fingers crossed!), last-minute canceling of plans, way too much time on my phone and in the car, and massive headaches could have spoiled my mood…but I couldn’t be happier! I hope your week was as great as mine. Share the best part of your week in the comments, I want to know what made you all happy and smile in the last few days.


Fool Moon


I picked up Fool Moon: Book Two of the Dresden Files because I was looking for something light and easy to read. I read book one of the Dresden Files back in February when I was taking a break from homework. I had not planned on it taking eight months to read the next book in the series! But things happen, like babies and weddings and job interviews and vacations and such, and a potentially great book had to wait.

Fool Moon follows professional wizard Harry Dresden, the only working wizard in Chicago. Paranormal work (finding lost items, investigations into ghosts and spirits, ect)  has been slow the last few months and his consulting for the Special Investigations segment of the Chicago Police Department has become nonexistent. The Murphy, the spunky police officer in charge of Special Investigations, comes to Dresden with a horrible case: something, or someone, is attacking and brutally killing people in the city…and it looks like a werewolf may be the murderer. With the help of Murphy and her police force, the local mob boss, and a gang of young werewolf pups, Harry Dresden heads out to stop a dangerous and nearly unstoppable killer.

There were many things about this book that I loved. Butcher is one of, if not the only, author that I’ve read who can pull of sarcasm in his writing. While many other authors make their characters sound rude or immature, Dresden comes off as a slightly bitter, over-worked wizard trying to make a living in a society that doesn’t believe in magic anymore, and who has turned to sarcasm and humor to combat his frequent bad luck. The story is also incredibly fast paced, making the 342 pages a breeze to read in just a few sittings. I also greatly enjoyed the explanations of magic that Butcher provides. In Butchers world, for example, each potion includes 8 parts: a base to hold it all together, an ingredient that appeals to each of the five senses, and something for both the mind and spirit. Boil it all for a few hours, and you can have anything from Super Coffee (and who couldn’t use a little of that?) to a tracking potion.

Then there was the quasi-lecture by the teacher like spirit Dresden controls on the different types of werewolves. According to the book, there are actually many diverse ways to become a shape-shifting wolf. There are the basic werewolves, or people who use magic to transform into a wolf (like a wizard, but they can only do the one spell, and they keep their humanity when they change), along with using a different person’s magic to turn into a wolf. Then there is the Hexenwolf, which is when a person makes a deal with a demon or devil to get a hexed wolf-hide belt that they can use to transform. There are also Lycanthropes, people who do not shape shift but have the spirit of a wolf inside them, making them extremely violent. Last, there is Loup-garou: people who have been cursed to become wolf-like demons during the full moon. These are the most dangerous and deadly of the werewolves.

Fool Moon is a great book, full of action and magic. If anything, I think I enjoyed this book more than the first Dresden File book. I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves mystery, action, magic, adventure, and humor.