Yesterday I ran into town to sell a bunch of books back to my favorite bookstore, Powell’s. Between me and the boy, we had six very full bags. Many of the books I sold were ones I have read and reread since middle school or high school and had strong sentimental value, but with my TBR stack of books taking over my one bookshelf, desk, and dining room floor, I figured it was time to pass on my old favorites to someone else (although I did keep a few that I just could not stand to part with!). Do you keep books that hold fond memories, or do you constantly change out read books for new ones?

After spending so many hours in bookstores yesterday, I thought it only fitting that today’s theme for Beautiful and Unique Bookshelves be beautiful bookstores. When you’re picking a favorite new or used store do you decide based on their wide range of books, helpful and knowledgeable staff, convenient location, or are you like me and want your store to be pretty? In the comments, please share what your favorite bookstore is and what makes it so great!


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