This past week has been one of the craziest in a long time. Did anyone else have a busy week? On Monday I started a part-time internship, and then on Friday I started a part-time retail job. Starting both my jobs this week is why I forgot to do my Teaser Tuesday post, or my Beautiful and Unique Bookshelves post yesterday, sorry! But instead of complaining about how busy my life became, (I am actually very thankful to have these jobs, and the people at both businesses are great so I’m excited to go to work every day) I have a question for all you other working people, or anyone who has worked in an office environment.

Do you, or did you, read during your lunch break? Because it is so expensive to go out every day for lunch, I bring something from home and eat at my desk. Yet because people walk past all the time and say hi, I’m worried that somehow I will get in trouble for reading at my desk, even if it is during my lunch. It doesn’t take me half an hour to eat a sandwich, and I love having time to read a chapter or two and relax.

The lunch break is personal time. Do you stay in the office and read, or do you go out for a quick bite? Am I just weird for being so scared of getting in trouble for seemingly goofing off? Share your thoughts about lunchtime reading in the comments below!