Now that I’m working a normal 9 to 5 job, my favorite part of the workday (other than when I get home and can put my sweat pants on!) is reading during my lunch break. After looking at a computer screen for several hours, it is extremely relaxing to zone out and read while I eat. Some of the people in my office relax by going shopping or running errands, and one girl usually goes to the gym for a quick run, but I prefer to read. I’ve been picking easy books that go quickly and I’m guaranteed to enjoy. Do you try reading more challenging books (especially if work bores you), or do you pick something mindless? Leave your thoughts and any suggestions about good lunch-time reading material in the comments below.


Dresden File #03

When I was still in school, I read the first Dresden Files book on a weekend break from homework. During this summer, I read the second book as a distraction from how busy life was getting when I was in the process of interviewing for both the jobs I have now. And now, I read the third break as a way to relax during lunch. I really do love these books, and I feel like I’m not giving them the respect and undivided attention they deserve! While I did not enjoy Grave Peril as much as the first two books, I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.


In this book, Butcher gets much more in-depth into the magic world he has created. The Vampire Court, the evil Nevernever, and the power of ghosts are all central to Harry’s work as Chicago’s only for-hire wizard. This time he faces something bigger and badder than anything before and a new character named Michael, a knight for God, is helping Harry fight the many ghosts that are suddenly cropping up all over Chicago. For some unknown reason, the ghosts are being attacked and driven to madness, causing problems in the real world. A bad guy, an unknown Nightmare, is behind the attacks, but Harry struggles to find the person who is controlling and directing the attacks. With Michael’s help, Harry delves into the Vampire Courts to find the evil mastermind.

But life is never easy for a wizard. The Nightmare attacks Officer Murphy and Michael’s family, along another Special Investigation cop. In a desperate attempt to find the cause of these attacks and stop them, Harry goes to a vampire ball in honor of his enemy, Bianca, the leader of Chicago’s Red Court. In traditional Butcher fashion Harry is trapped and figures out everything just a tad too late, but he manages to save the helpless women from danger and cast some awesome magic in the process.

The storyline of this book was slightly less developed than the first two, it introduced several new characters and (hopefully) set up some very exciting events in the next few books. Many things were left implied rather than fully explained, so I was lost several times when Harry pieced things together before I did. Yet despite a less than perfect book, Harry Dresden is still one of my favorite characters and I can’t wait to see what happens next. One book won’t ruin the entire series!