I hope everyone is having a great Monday. My work’s computers are down so I got a surprise day off, and I decided to put the extra time to good use. One of my goals for 2011 is to work harder on this blog, so today I’ve created a new navigation menu (top of page) to make it easier to find a specific genre or subject. I have also reduced the number of tags I will be using from now on to reflect my personal opinion of a book (anywhere from Loved to Meh) and if I would recommend it (Highly Recommended to Not Recommended), again with the goal of simplifying blog navigation.

This year I hope to read a wider variety of books, a few more product reviews, and become more active in the book blogging community. The more I use WordPress the more familiar I am becoming with its widgets and themes; I look forward to working more on the layout and features in the upcoming months. Do you have any great tips or suggestions for blogging success? Share them in the comments, along with any suggestions for what you would like to see on Kinda Silly Books in 2011!