Hello all, hope you had a great weekend! I finished the third Wheel of Time book on Saturday, and wanted to give a brief update on my year-long reading challenge.

There were two main reasons I decided to read the entire series in one year: I’m a huge fan of fantasy books and this series had been on my TBR list since high school, and I feel like I’m excluded from some cool club because I haven’t read the books (almost all the people I know who are major readers love this series). Plus I love a good challenge and work well with a deadline. So far I’m doing pretty good at reading the books on time. There are so many other books I want to read, and a few other large fantasy series’ that I’ve started over the years that will have to wait until next year, but allowing myself to read a fun book between each Wheel of Time is helping.

I loved the third book, The Dragon Reborn. After doing a good job of setting up the world and magic system in the first two books, Robert Jordan is finally starting to develop the storyline. Rand as the Dragon Reborn is obviously an important character, but the other characters have developed strong personalities and are starting to create interesting stories of their own. Mat, initially one of my least favorite characters, has finally started to care about what happens to other people and uses his luck to save his friends instead of win at dice. By the end of the third book he was becoming a somewhat grudgingly nice person, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to evolve. Egwene and Nynaeve are both becoming strong women, although they don’t get along very well now. They are learning how to use the One Power at an incredible rate–Nynveave especially, as she only needs to see something done once to learn it. The end of The Dragon Reborn was frustrating as people kept just missing each other, and I’m excited to see how all those different stories will come together now that everyone is all together in Tear.

There are still ten more books to go in the next ten months, not including the last book which maybe out this fall. Wish me luck!