A few weeks ago I read and reviewed Mr Darcy’s Diary, which was a very enjoyable and light read. Between the fourth and fifth Wheel of Time books this week I took three days to read another Amanda Grange book, Mr Knightley’s Diary. For fans of Jane Austen, Amanda Grange writes from the main male character’s point of view and are worth checking out. Quick minor book blogging point, I’ve started a new system for ranking books and would love feedback from you all. Instead of just putting the book title as the caption for the book cover, I’m going to start ranking books on my “Bookmark Scale.” Five out of five bookmarks is a great book I loved, one of out five is a book I did not enjoy. Please let me know what you think, or any suggestions you make have! And as always, I’ll use tags for each post for how much I enjoyed it (loved to meh) and if I would recommend the book.


2 out of 5 Bookmarks


Mr Knightley lives a quiet, comfortable life in the village of Highbury. His brother is happily married and living in London, many of the young people in the village are getting married, and his young neighbor Emma encourages the matchmaking with her own schemes. By turns he finds her spoiled, stubborn, beautiful, talented, amusing, and endearing. But most of all, he finds her to be the one woman he enjoys spending time with. Of course that doesn’t mean he loves her, he just needs to find a wife who is like Emma in almost every way.

For her part, Emma lives to have fun and make people happy. She is an ideal daughter, a wonderful playmate to her nieces and nephews, and a good friend to her neighbors. Emma may not be the most accomplished woman, but she has a passion for life that often makes up for a lack of focus and dedication. Despite their large age difference, Emma and Knightley have been best friends for years.

Together, Emma and Knightly make up the best of Highbury society. But things are changing in their small village, thanks in part to Emma’s matchmaking. Knightly is starting to think of getting married, but every woman he encounters never compares to the relationship he has with Emma. But she is so childish at times, and they have known each other for her entire life, he could never think of her that way…until a new man comes to town and steals her attention.

Jane Austen’s Emma is said to be one of the greatest love stories, but I’ve just never been a huge fan. I find Emma’s spoiled and self-indulgent behavior to be obnoxious and it isn’t offset by finding a good husband in the end. And somehow, Amanda Grange turned Knightley into a character that is just as oblivious and silly as Emma ! Mr Knightley’s Diarywas a fun read, in the same way I enjoy reading gossip magazines. And Knightley’s diary did read like a gossip magazine. But despite my dislike for the characters, I thought the writing was great. A gossip magazine is exactly what Emma would read if she was alive today, and this book will be tons of fun to anyone who loved that aspect of Emma.