For the last few weeks I’ve read a lot about a new site, Pinterest. It’s a simple idea–instead of bookmarking everything into folders, or downloading them, or printing out things from the internet, you just “pin” them and it’s automatically added to your boards with a link back to the original source. For someone like me who uses all of the aforementioned ways to saving things, it’s great to keep everything in one organized place.

And it works two ways: you can pin any picture from anywhere on the internet, or you can search other Pinterest boards and users to find new images to re-pin. I love seeing what libraries other users have pined because it helps me find new design/book sites.

Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can still look at all the beautiful boards users have made. I wanted to share one of mine, which I’ve predictably named Book-ish Things. I’ve been adding book shelves, libraries, and general book/word things (did you see that Christmas ornament?!). Right now I can’t have my dream library, or even a designated library area, so for now Pinterest will feed my need for beautiful library designs.

Do you use Pinterest, or keep inspirational photos for when you need an idea? How closely does your real book collection match the dream library you’ve always wanted?