Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend (and taking some time today to honor the men and women who have served this country) if you have today off. It’s my first paid holiday, but my plans for the weekend were decidedly unexciting. Just a quick update on my Wheel of Time Reading Challenge, as the year is half over and I’m approximately 300 pages from the half-way point in the series.

Although I do keep the Wheel of Time page updated when I finish each book, I last posted a general update in late February. My main motivation still stands (this series was on my TBR list for ages, and everyone else has read it), but I’m now convinced that the only way to really follow the twisting plot lines and numerous minor characters is to read all the books back to back. The glossary in the back of every book theoretically contains helpful information, but nothing I’ve wanted to check has been there yet! There are characters that appear in several books hundreds of pages apart, and their names are often hard to pronounce and remember, but only the main characters appear in the glossary. Because I’m likely to forget all the different titles that apply to Rand? Even the boy, who has read this series multiple times, struggles to remember all the characters. By reading them in a year, a hard-t0-remember character was introduced only days or weeks ago instead of months or years, so I feel like I have a better chance of keeping track of everyone.

Currently I’m only 100 pages into the 7th book, A Crown of Swords. The story seems to be bogged down with so many main characters doing a million different things, so I am really interested to see where the books go from here. Maybe I’m just stuck in the middle of a series and have to be patient and keep reading, but I just cannot see how the storyline will get from where it is right now to how I think it will end. How do you deal with less than idea books in the middle of a series? Do you keep pushing on, skim until the books get better, or move to a different book?