Although I have yet to update the Wheel of Time Reading Challenge (limited internet at home right now), I was able to finish book eight over the weekend. Book nine, although hardly started, is already more full of political scheming than the previous books as you can see in my teaser today. Do you like fantasy books that have heavy plots or books that are very action based? I personally prefer a book that moves quickly with great action scenes, but in a series this long I know the books are fairly balanced between battles and politics.

The rules for Teaser Tuesday, hosted by Miz B of Should Be Reading, are simple:

  1. Grab your current read
  2. Open to a random page
  3. Share two “teaser” sentences from that page (without spoiling the book!)
  4. Include the title and author so others can find the book if they enjoyed your teaser

This week’s teaser:

“And there is a large band of mercenaries–Dragonsworn, really, but Roedran thinks they are merccenaries–who he has hired in secret, to sit and provide a menace after the other armies are gone. He plans to use those threats to bind nobles to him tightly enough that each is afraid to be the first to break away when the threats are all gone.”

~Winter’s Heart: The Wheel of Time #09, Robert Jordan, page 241