Quick moving update: finally got wireless internet so I don’t have to sit on the floor to be plugged into the modem. Books are still just thrown on shelves instead of organized so no pictures yet (that’s my project for next weekend, this weekend’s project was wireless internet, hooking up the television and my video games). But really, there are more important things to talk about than why moving has so completely upset my reading and blogging schedule.

A Dance With Dragons is finally out! I haven’t actually read it yet because I’m in the middle of a different book, but I’ve been waiting 3 years for Martin to release this book (yes, I came into this series late). He’s promised that it will actually deal with my favorite character, Jon Snow, so maybe this one won’t end up hurled at a wall like A Feast For Crows may have… Any of you read the book yet? Am I the only one that went out and bought it on the day it was released but haven’t started it yet? Funny story, the Border’s I bought it at is huge and the check out line was really long, but half of the people in it were buying A Dance With Dragons (and some of them were buying the entire series) and my first thought was “Wow, I wonder how many books he’ll sell in a day if every bookstore is like this?” and then the next day Martin announced on his blog that “Dance had the highest first day sales totals of any work of fiction released this year. Not just SF or fantasy, but all categories of fiction.”

And in other bookishly wonderful news, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is out! Again, with the moving and being busy thing, I haven’t actually seen it yet. But I’m pretty excited. Most of the reviews say it’s good (hard to be worse than Part One), and friends who love the series have told me it’s a fitting end to the movies. Have you seen it yet? Was anyone lucky/crazy enough to go to the midnight premier? Did you dress up? I’ve always wanted to go to a HP movie premier dressed up, but my love of sleep and dislike of crowds always won out.

That’s it for today. I’m going to vaguely promise to blog more now that I will have more time to read and write, as long as you all promise to share your thoughts with me. Have you read A Dance With Dragons yet? Have you seen the Harry Potter movie? Do you have any other exciting book news?