I’m still slightly in shock that Borders is going out of business. I love that store–when I first got my diver’s license and didn’t have to beg my parents to drive me everywhere, I would go to Borders and spend all day browsing the shelves and hanging out with friends in the cafe. I now work blocks from a giant Borders, and had dreams of lazy summer weekends walking around the shopping center and stopping by for yet another book to go on my giant TBR shelf.

I was also excited to live and work this close to a Borders because I love their cookbooks. Most of my cookbooks are older and the recipes outdated, and were bought for a quarter at a garage sale when I first started to cook. Some of them I will keep (especially the really old ones), but the ones from the 1970s and 1980s just need to be replaced. I’m enjoying making lighter, healthier (and tastier) meals, and these cookbooks just weren’t cutting it anymore!

So with my plan to slowly buy new cookbooks over the summer now gone (I don’t trust there to be a large selection of anything left after the first week or two of their going out of business sale, and I wanted a wide variety of books to choose from), I headed to Borders this weekend to score some good deals and say goodbye to a childhood friend.

My new cookbooks

In total, I got six cookbooks and spent $26.94. Much less than I was planning on spending (I had budgeted $50-$75 for cookbooks over the summer). Most of the savings came from only looking at their bargain books, which were already either $2.99 or $5.99 before the going out of business sale. I haven’t tried any new recipes yet but I can’t wait to bust out my new books in the next few months. The books I got are Good Housekeeping: Light & Healthy, The Essential Pasta Cookbooks (it matches the Essential Baking and Essential Vegetarian cookbooks I also bought at Borders and couldn’t find online, which I wrote about here), Step by Step: Soups & Breads and Step by Step: Vegetarian (also cannot find these online), Best Chicken Dishes, and 500 Slow Recipes.

Did you also get any good deals at the going out of business sale? Or are you waiting until prices are cut even more but the selection is more limited? I’m also planning a visit back in a few weeks to go through history, philosophy, and sociology once they are more discounted. What do you think about the giant bookstore chain going out of business? Share your thoughts, and any good deals, in the comments!

My entire cookbook collection