I started wearing glasses in 8th grade–after years of terrible head aches we finally realized maybe it was related to the amount I read. Turns out my eyes are all sorts of messed up–slight astigmatism, near-sighted in one eye, far-sighted in the other, and eyes that cannot easily transition from something close up (book, computer screen) to something far away (a door or wall). What resulted was a childhood of extreme clumsiness. But glasses mostly fixed those problems, although I’m still clumsy.

I’m adjusting to new glasses this week, with a radically different prescription than what I’ve had for almost 10 years, going from bifocals to single vision lenses. The difference is crazy, especially when I’m walking or look up quickly. But I love wearing glasses, and not having headaches anymore is pretty awesome too.

The rules for Teaser Tuesday, hosted by Miz B of Should Be Reading, are simple:

  1. Grab your current read
  2. Open to a random page
  3. Share two “teaser” sentences from that page (without spoiling the book!)
  4. Include the title and author so others can find the book if they enjoyed your teaser

This week’s teaser:

“Her reasons for not countering that filthy tale had changed–she no longer had need to protect her babes, Rand’s babes–yet she let it stand. Give the man time, and he would braid a rope for his own neck. And if he failed to, she would braid one for him.”

~Knife Of Dreams: The Wheel of Time Book #11, Robert Jordan, page 376