A few weekends ago I cleaned out my cookbook shelf and found 30 books to drop off at the local Goodwill, so I have been spending some time going through my remaining books (still an entire bookshelf’s worth) to find new recipes. This book, How To Be A Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking, has tons of recipes I can’t wait to try, first among them Baklava muffins! Although I’m pretty sure a domestic goddess wouldn’t burn herself every time she bakes…

The rules for Teaser Tuesday, hosted by Miz B of Should Be Reading, are simple:

  1. Grab your current read
  2. Open to a random page
  3. Share two “teaser” sentences from that page (without spoiling the book!)
  4. Include the title and author so others can find the book if they enjoyed your teaser

This week’s teaser:

“Everyone seems to think it’s hard to make a cake (and no need to disillusion them), but it doesn’t take more than 25 minutes to make and bake a tray of muffins or a sponge layer cake, and the returns are high: you feel disproportionately good about yourself afterwards. This is what baking, what all of this book, is about: feeling good, wafting along in the warm, sweet-smelling air, unwinding, no longer being entirely an office creature; and that’s exactly what I mean by ‘comfort cooking.’ “

~How To Be A Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking by Nigella Lawson, page 1