I should be reading one of the three books I’m currently working on. And I should be reviewing the growing stack of finished books on my desk. At the very least, I should finish the reviews I already started! But I can’t, because I’m still thinking about a book I read months ago.

After finishing the Wheel of Time series in November, I thought I was done with the books until the last one is released sometime in 2012. But apparently I just can’t let the book, and its wonderful characters, go. So I’m sharing some advice about how to finally get over a book and move on.

  1. Have one final fling, if you really must. After two months of studiously not thinking about how much I hate Rand (seriously, one of my least favorite characters ever), I finally gave in and had one more conversation/argument proving I was right. People had thought I’d given up that argument months ago, but no! I just couldn’t let it go.
  2. Realize you’ll never convince anyone you’re right. It may be the best fantasy series ever, but not everyone will agree. You may think that Matt was totally a better person than Rand or Perrin, but no one will agree. And you may think all of humanity deserves to die a fiery death rather than see Rand succeed, but it’s guaranteed no one will ever agree. So just give it up.
  3. Console yourself with other books. Indulge in a bit of frivolous fun–read a YA novel, a historical fiction, or a delightful memoir. Realize it’s your right to have fun and enjoy reading, even if you’re still secretly stewing over that one dumb character.
  4. And if all else fails, a bottle of wine and a good romance book can cure anything!

And that, my dear readers, is how you let go of a bad relationship with a fictional character.