Two years ago I had no idea who Jim Butcher was, and now I can’t put his books down. His writing is snarky but intelligent, and incredibly fast-paced. The characters he creates, and the worlds they live in, are both fantastically magical and realistic. And since I can easily finish a Butcher book in a day or two, I’ve had to work hard to not read all of them in a single month-long marathon reading session!

Butcher has two series I’ve started and hope to finish soon–the Codex Alera books (I’ve reviewed the first book, Furies of Calderon, and am current reading the fourth book) about a boy without magic struggling to succeed in a world where literally every other person has magic, and the Dresden Files (I’ve read and reviewed through book six, Blood Rites) about a crime-solving wizard in Chicago. Harry Dreden, title character from the Dresden Files, is easily one of my favorite literary characters. Harry and Achmed, from Elizabeth Haydon’s Rhapsody series, are my two biggest character crushes.

If you’re looking for something easy to read, incredibly entertaining, and mildly though-provoking, I cannot recommend Jim Butcher enough. His books are not great works of literature, but his characters are beautifully developed and that’s my main requirement for a favorite author. Throw in fun magical systems and a few bloody battles, and I’ve developed a serious author crush!


So who are your author crushes? Any book characters you not-so-secretly want to meet? Share in the comments!