Way back in November 2010 I reviewed an older Sony Reader, and I was not sold on the whole e-reader thing. It only took two years, but I’ve finally given in and bought a Kindle and I have to admit it’s pretty awesome!

Over the summer I made a new life goal to travel more and I knew from flying across the country multiple times per year in college that a purse small enough to be a carry on + a voracious reader who can’t stick to one genre = one overstuffed and heavy bag. So with the goal of travel to motivate me, I bough the cheapest Kindle I could (hey, if I wasn’t going to like this thing, I wasn’t going to spend lots of money on it!) and a cover to protect it.

After three weeks with my new Kindle and four finished books, I have to admit I’m in love. E-readers don’t give me head aches, it hasn’t completely replaced my physical books, and the significant decrease in my purse weight has really helped my back. The battery life has also been great so far–I’ve only charged it twice in three weeks (which included two multi-hour train trips of almost solid reading). The books I’ve read have all been shorter books between 200 and 300 pages so I’ve yet to tackle a super long project…although I do have War and Peace on there…but it has been a great change of pace to read so many short books while I’m also reading some longer/more dense books without increasing the piles of random books in the house.

The other thing I love is my adorable cover. Ordered from eKover on Etsy, the cover has been just as fun as the Kindle. I’ll be the first to admit I can be rough on my books, and even with the cheapest Kindle model I was worried about scratches and general wear. My cover is a floral/bird blue and gray print and sturdy enough that I feel comfortable throwing my Kindle back in my bag when I’ve got to rush off to judge a debate round (doesn’t everyone spend their weekends volunteering as a judge for high school speech tournaments?)  but still light enough that the benefits of the Kindle aren’t lost. I do find it a bit amusing that the cover was half the cost of the Kindle, but I’ve already gotten compliments on it so I think it’s money well spent!

Will my Kindle ever completely replace physical books? Not a chance, if my three overflowing bookshelves have anything to say about it! But I am excited by how much this one change has revitalized my reading habits, and for that I’m now a huge advocate for adding an e-reader to your collection.

Has anyone else held out longer than seems logical, only to be sucked into the e-reader world like me? Anyone else still staying strong in the no e-reader camp? Any suggestions of good places to find free or cheap Kindle books?!