I’ve talked before about how much I love Powell’s, a book store most famous for its giant downtown location. Since I don’t live in downtown Portland, however, the Beaverton location is more convenient for most of my book browsing. The Cedar Hills location is half the size of the downtown location, but I’ve never had a problem finding a book.

Powell's at Cedar Hills Crossing

Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing

After getting our tax return we decided to spend a rainy Saturday at Powell’s with only three goals: a cookbook for our new wok (a wedding present), some books off the NPR list, and a few classics. One hour and $99 later we had three cookbooks, five sci-fi books, and five classics. One of the best things about Powell’s is the quality of used books for the price–every one of the classics we bought, along with one of the cookbooks, were used and except for the covers being slightly battered on the corners they look good as new for half the price. Even the new books at Powell’s are wonderfully priced though, since no book on this shopping trip cost more than $10.

Just like the downtown location, the staff at Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing are incredibly helpful and always excited to help you find a book. They also host some great events at this location–I’ve seen Brandon Sanderson speak here twice. So if you’re looking for a great bookstore without driving all the way into Portland, I highly recommend the Cedar Hills Crossing location.