I first wrote about Out of Print two years ago, after my brother bought me a shirt as a belated Christmas present. I loved my To Kill a Mockingbird shirt so much I’ve now bought several other items from Out of Print and thought I should write an update.

Little Women bag

Little Women bag

Out of Print has continued to be one of my favorite places to get cute shirts for the weekend. In addition to my To Kill a Mockingbird shirt I now also have this Catch 22 shirt, this Wizard of Oz shirt, this Pride and Prejudice shirt, and this adorable Little Women bag. Their shirts are super soft and have held up fine with my constant wearing and washing. I’ve been using the small bag to hold all the items I transfer from my larger work bag to my purse on the weekends, and it works great for when I want to run errands on my lunch break without bringing my large bag.

All the things I mentioned in my original review still stand–their mission is great, their products are solid, and shipping times are fast. I only buy when there is a sale (yay for budges), but if you sign up for their newsletter they have semi-regular sales and promotions. They also rotate designs fairly often, which I like; I just wish they would offer more shirts with the wide scoop or deep v neckline because I prefer those styles.

Out of Print shirts and accessories make great gifts (we got my sister-in-law a gift card for graduation), and have been a great conversation starter when I’m out and about. I’ve continued to have great experiences with this company, and highly recommend them.


**The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. I was not contacted by Out Of Print Clothing or solicited in any way. This post was written because I had a good experience with a company and I wanted to share it with my readers.**