The current (cluttered) state of most of my shelves

The current (cluttered) state of most of my shelves

If you could see all the half-written posts I have saved here, you would know I haven’t been ignoring you dear readers (or my books!). Life, like always gets in the way–I’m working full time, volunteering with two amazing groups, and getting ready to move at the end of this month. But my books haven’t suffered, there’s a pile waiting to be reviewed and put back on the shelf.

Because I love being awkwardly geeky, the thing I’m most looking forward to with this move is finally completing my card catalog (although it’s on Google Docs and not actual cards for now). This list breaks out our books by category, then alphabetically, and will make it so much easier to unpack all the book boxes–they just go up in the order the catalog says!

The new apartment has a large second bedroom, which we will use as an office/gaming room/library. It’s significantly larger than our current office/library, which means more room for bookshelves. I’ve already got plans to have a wall of all shelves to display books and sentimental items like framed photos, presents from friend’s and family’s world travels, and a few Lego builds. And probably a few cat things, since we’re getting cats when we move! I’m already looking forward to curling up with a cat, a cup of coffee, and a good book in front of the fireplace or out on the deck.

I’m also planning on using the new larger, better organized office to dedicate more time to this site. I still love reading and talking about books, and there’s a lot of updates I’ve got planned. So please, stick around for more reviews and a few cat photos.