Reading has always been a huge part of my life–at 24 my parents still tell stories about how when I was 3 I refused to let them read to my brother when he was born because I wanted to read to him. Nowadays I’ll read most anything: history, fiction, sci-fi, biographies, autobiographies, fantasy, sociology, marketing, psychology, adventure, mystery, philosophy, cookbooks…it all has a shelf in my collection. I’m notorious for asking my friends if I can borrow a “few books” and leaving with a bag or two, and at any given time I’m reading between two and four books (I keep one book at work to read during lunch, one book on my night stand to read before bed, and one book in the living room to read on nights and weekends). I bought a Kindle in late 2012, and my reading list has only gotten worse with so many free books available online.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude  from Emerson College in Boston, MA (class of 2010!) with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication and dual minors in Political Communication and Sociology. I’m now living in Oregon with my diploma, a pile of student loans, a slightly larger pile of books, and my husband. My interests include blogging, reading, traveling, and my budding social media/online marketing career. The study of how communities form and communicate with each other to establish rules, values and morals is extremely interesting to me, and part of why I love social media–it’s like a giant sociological experiment. With online games and LoLCats.

Don’t feel like leaving comments on the blog? You can also contact my by email (, Twitter or GoodReads.

And if you are new, please take the time to read my first entry (found here with an update here) for a brief introduction and overview on how my virtual library works. All of the opinions stated in this blog are my personal thoughts; I have not been paid or solicited by any authors, publishers or book stores. I’m just a girl who loves talking about the books in my life. Thanks for coming, and happy reading!

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